Bindery haul for Manor Printing brings casemaking inhouse

Comprising a Pureva XT hot melt binder, an H46 Pro Casematic table-top casemaker, a Presso thermal press, a Maxit MX roller coating adhesive system and a Maxit RP gluer, the system was brought onto the Gloucestershire premises in October last year. It represents an investment circa £20,000.


Having previously outsourced casemaking jobs, the Wotton-based company wanted to be able to produce case-bound company registers with foil-blocked, leather-style covers onsite.

“We produce a lot of small and medium runs, and having to outsource this element of production was making our lead times quite long,” said managing director Chris Holloway.

“It is only automated to a certain degree, so we’re using the equipment for small, often personalised jobs – photobooks, diaries, notebooks, and so on. We are now able to turn this type of work around as soon as we get it which will allow us the flexibility to grow this side of our business.

“We are confident this machine will pay for itself within at most a year and possibly as quickly as six months.”

Typically printing text for runs of company registers, ranging from 100 to more than 300 copies, on the operation’s Heidelberg Speedmaster 74 and 52 litho presses, or its Heidelberg, Xerox, and Canon digital printers, the Pureva table binder will be used to bind the work using PUR glue.

Manor Printing selected the Casematic for its flexibility in format size, going from CD size up to 1,040x490mm when open. The Maxit MX will be used to quickly apply thin coats of adhesive on to colour material such as leatherette. The Maxit RP will be used to glue double-sided business cards.

The firm comprises a team of 20 staff and turns over £1.5m. While no expansion plans are in the offing, Holloway said: “Everyone wants to increase their sales, and that’s our goal for 2018, too.”

Gary Stevens