Biofilm – the green way forward for lamination 

Laminating our paper and card goods is a fantastic and useful way of enabling a delicate material to go further, stopping rips, water damage, stains and generally increasing the product’s shelf life. However, laminated products also create a huge amount of waste year on year, filling landfills and contributing to our planet’s growing environmental issues. By combining the two individually recyclable products of plastic and paper, we create a material that is seemingly impossible to break down, as both components require different conditions in order to decompose.

Fortunately, at Manor Printing Services, we’ve found a solution to this problem that means you can rest easy knowing that your laminated business cards, brochures, menus etc., are all completely recyclable. By Using Biofilm instead of an ordinary plastic film on our laminated products, we can ensure the quality and durability expected of an ordinary laminated product, with the bonus that it’s 100% better for the environment than an ordinary plastic compound.

To create environmentally friendly laminated products, a material called oxobiodegradable film is used. These films are created by addition of prodegradant additives to PP resins through extrusion.

The breaking down of the plastic film is achievable through oxo-biodegradation, a two-part process where first the plastic is converted by a reaction with oxygen in the air into molecular fragments that can then be biodegraded by micro-organisms found in soil, consequently converting the fragments into CO2, H2O and biomass.

It is important to stress that the biodegradable properties of the plastic used does NOT affect the strength, productivity or durability of the product. When the product is disposed of, the oxidative degradation the product undergoes is far more rapid than that which an ordinary plastic experiences. Mechanisms that can trigger the process are moisture, heat input, UV rays, and mechanical pressure. The oxo-biodegradation process is similar to that of woody materials, with CO2 released at a natural rate.

That’s the science lesson over. The most important thing to remember is that Biofilm lamination ensures a quality product, whilst easily and effectively reducing plastic pollution, contain non-toxic residues and are recyclable and combustible. Manor Printing Services are proud to offer this service. 

Gary Stevens